Partnership Programs

Challenges in business and technology could be too complex for any one firm to always solve alone. That’s why we place great importance on our strategic partnerships that ensure our ability to deliver best-of-breed solutions. Our alliances provide us with early insight into the developments and trends that influence our clients industries, and we always share the benefit of those insights with our clients.

Whow and Why we partnership

Clients are the most important assets of us, we are open, honest, flexible, and easy to work with, we are constantly on the lookout for optimum solutions that add extra value, increase quality, and improve cost effectiveness. We partner frequently with firms on individual engagements or following specific niche with specific partners. Partners are very important for us in order to deliver the best for our clients. Through partners we complete our products & services portfolio for various industries and at the end being capable to offer the value that our clients are looking for.
If you consider that together we can increase value delivered to potential customers let us know by contacting us.

Our Partners

Capgemini Logo Cap Gemini is a global company specializing in consulting services, outsourcing and technology solutions. By harnessing their experience in global and local outsourcing services, Cap Gemini is a premier business consulting company capable of providing world class solutions to customers.
Cognos Business Consulting - Logo Cognos Business Consulting a company with focus in generating add valued for its customers through: ensure organizational agility by implementing the best practices at management and operational level. Secure the right relationship model with clients, suppliers, human resources which at the end imply a good management of knowledge.
Euro Management Group - Logo Euro Management Group established in 2002 by consultants with more than 5 years’ experience at that moment in initiating and project management for projects financed from international sources (European Union, World Bank, etc.). As main objective is to identify, organize and offer integrated consulting services for its clients in complex projects aiming usage of innovative solutions and management methods that assure sustainable development for clients.
Matrix Consulting - Logo Matrix Consulting A young company which relay on employee experience. Created in July 2009 by people with large experience in European funds and IT project management. Matrix tram group former evaluators for EU projects, experts in Public Acquisitions. Matrix Consulting offer consulting services to access European funds following all procedural steps like: project management, initializing implementation, project monitoring, help customers to find the best financing method for their needs, write business plans and documentations.
Servicii-Financiare - Logo Financial Management Servgices is a consulting company, with its services help development and improvement of all activities for its clients. With set up in 2004, Financial Management Services propose solutions, for identified problems , is promoting values like curiosity and collaboration with professionalism and expertize for organizational success. Stay close to clients with viable strategies, towards competitive advantage development.
European Project Consulting - Logo European Project Consultingoffer consulting services for strategic planning for local authorities and private companies. Strategy crafting suppose an integrated approach among community or organization: from local/internal perspective - through data correlation about „organization/community status", like is perceive by its people, from external perspective through legal lens.
SlienSec - Logo Silensec is an Information Security service and training company. Silensec was initially created to utilise the skills of renowned professionals in Information Security, as a direct response to what we felt was a lack of practical training in the industry. Today, we collaborate with hundreds of clients worldwide to deliver a wide range of Information Security services. These services are both cost effective and strictly aimed towards our clients’ business goals.
TechReady - Logo TechReady is helping organizations and IT professionals to successfully evaluate, plan, implement and operate IT solutions. TechReady would like to help IT professionals which are preparing to implement new IT solutions by providing them with consulting services adapted to each phase of the solution lifecycle, training services delivered as courses, seminars and hands-on labs, by organizing technical events and delivering presentations for IT professionals and production of multimedia training materials for individual study.